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10 Must-play songs for a road trip

10 Must-play songs for a road tripLiving in SA, we have no shortage of breathtaking destinations to escape to for the day or a well-deserved weekend away. The best part of being trapped in a car for a few hours is all of the epic memories of sing-alongs and laughter shared among friends. Here is our playlist of beats that will keep spirits high (and the possibility of anyone getting car sick in someone’s handbag low) while you’re en route to your destination. So turn up the volume, break out your finest air guitar skills and sing your heart out!*

1 ‘Feeling myself’ – Nicki Minaj ft Beyoncé

Escape the reality of driving along the N1 in your silver Polo Vivo and imagine you’re actually riding through Texas in a pink Lambo with Nicki and Bey at your side – now that’s #lifegoals!

2 ‘Shut up and drive’ – Rihanna 

Bad Gal RiRi has spoken – shut up and drive (listening to this song… duh).

3 ‘Valerie’ – Amy Winehouse

It’s Amy Winehouse. Need we say more?

4 ‘Hands to myself’ – Selena Gomez

This is a great song, but keep your hands on that steering wheel, girl!

5 ‘I love rock ‘n roll’ – Britney Spears 

You can never go wrong with some vintage Britney.

6 ‘Backseat freestyle’ – Kendrick Lamar 

If it’s good enough for T-Swift to sing along to in her car, you best believe it’s good enough for us!

7 ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ – Justin Timberlake 

As much as we’ve all grown to loathe this song, it’s impossible to deny that by the time the chorus hits, you’re bopping around squealing “Can’t stop the feeling!” in a pitch that not even cats can hear.

8 ‘Take yours, I’ll take mine’ – Matthew Mole

The perfect sing-along song from Fish Hoek’s finest export!

9 ‘Dang!’ Mac Miller ft Anderson .Paak 

If this beat doesn’t make you want to wave your hands out the window and feel the wind in your hair, then nothing will.

10Closer’ – Chainsmokers

“So baby pull me closer in the back seat of your Rover” aaand we’re done.

*No animals were harmed by the inevitable screeching necessary to test out this playlist.

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