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Want a mani that truly lasts two weeks? Read on!

Long-lasting nails mani We’ve tried all the polishes that promise chip-free results and long-lasting effects, but we’ve often been disappointed. Not anymore! Dream Nails offers a Polish Pro cured gel nail service and their experts explain why it looks so glossy and lasts so long.

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How does cured polish differ from your everyday polish?

“Gel polish is applied by a professional and cured under light which helps it last two to three times longer than your usual polish. This means that you can have a perfect polish for two to three weeks!” says Inelda Biela, Nail Division Manager at Imbalie Beauty. Senior nail technician at Dream Nails, Ntombie Ngcangata adds, “There’s no chipping, smudging or cracking if you look after your hands.”

So how should I take care of my nails?

“Apply a cuticle oil regularly,” says Inelda. And be gentle: you don’t have to avoid working or washing, but don’t do major tool work that’s heavy on your tips.

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How do I remove them?

“It’s best to pop into the salon to soak them off,” says Ntombie. “It takes less than 20 minutes and keeps your nails in good condition.”

If I’m committing to a colour for that long, which shades should I go for?

“The colours for this season are blue, pink and yellow,” says Inelda.

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