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What to do when three’s a crowd

How to maintain your relationship post-babyFor first-time parents, the adjustment from happy coupledom to exhausted-couple-plus-one is huge. Here are a few tips on how to fortify your relationship for the first year of your baby’s life.

1 Be prepared for the ‘baby blues’

For the first few days after birth, Mom’s hormones are all over the place and as her milk ducts fill up, a syndrome called the ‘baby blues’ kicks in. It’s a feeling of being completely overwhelmed and emotional – like the worst case of PMS. Moms: know that this shall pass. Dads: be extra supportive and loving despite wondering where the person you knew has disappeared to.

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2 Double up your duties

Dads: remember that your child’s primary caregiver is your partner and your role for the next few months is to support her. That means helping where and as often as you can outside your day job. You may feel like a third wheel for a while, but it won’t last forever.

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3 Share the love

Moms: Yes, you may be completely focused on your baby, but as often as you can, show some love to your partner and appreciation for their support. It will go a long way in stopping them from walking out the door when they’re exhausted, the baby is screaming and you’re hysterical!

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4 Make time to relax

Work out a schedule so that your partner can take over playing with or bathing the baby before they leave for work and when they come home. Use this time to take a bath, read a book or sleep. Not only does this help them bond with the child, but a more relaxed mother makes for a happy home.

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5 Get a good night’s rest

If you can, get a night nurse to stay over once or twice a week, and to do the middle of the night feeds with a bottle. This will allow both you and your partner to get uninterrupted sleep, or perhaps head to your favourite restaurant for date night.

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