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6 Tips for making it in the music industry

Cara FrewLocal singer-songwriter, Cara Frew, shows you how to sing your way to success.

1 No matter what mood you’re in or what comes your way, music needs to stimulate and excite you every single day. If it doesn’t, then you know it’s not the job for you.

2 Be prepared to work very hard, harder than anyone else in the industry.

3 Maintain your sound and don’t let others lead you off your path. Only listen to constructive criticism, not jealousy.

4 Believe in yourself and be authentic. If you lose your self-belief, you’ve lost everything.

5 Surround yourself with people who believe in you as much as or more than you do. It’s hard to stay strong and focused in a challenging industry, so let them give you the support you need.

6 Learn from more experienced people in the music scene. Find a mentor and be a mentor. There’s nothing more rewarding, motivating or growing than helping others.

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