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3 Reasons to love Valprè bottled water

Valpre Logo3 Reasons to love Valprè bottled waterThis year, we are lucky to have Valprè joining us as one of our GLAMOUR Women of the Year sponsors! Whether it’s still or sparkling, we love the brand – and here’s why you should too:

1 It’s as close to natural as you can get

Valprè’s spring water spends up to 15 years filtering naturally through the earth. Their bottling process is designed to ensure that the water is bottled almost exactly how it was found.

2 It packs a big punch on minerals

Lovely clear skin, here we come! Valprè water is full of minerals, like calcium, that help banish nasty toxins from your body and improve your skin’s condition.

3 They care about the environment

Not only does Valprè have one of the greenest bottling plants in Africa, they also offer a specially designed PlantBottle™ which consists of up to 30% of plant material and 100% recyclable.

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