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Your skin deserves natural cosmetics! Here’s why…

Your skin deserves natural cosmetics! Here's why...It won’t come as a surprise to hear that the average woman uses about 10 different skincare products a day. But while you’re layering on your lotions and potions, do you ever stop to think about what’s actually in them? GLAMOUR chatted to Karmen Fieldgate, the founder of Uber Natural Beauty SA, about why we should pay closer attention to the chemicals and ingredients we apply to our skin.

1 Your skin is not a barrier 

Your skin acts like a sponge, meaning that up to 60% of topically applied products are absorbed into your body. If you’re not careful about the types of products you use, you’re pretty much rolling out the welcome mat to toxic ingredients – which could have harmful effects to your skin and body in the long run.

2 You could be a ticking timebomb

The chemicals used by some cosmetic companies can be safe if used in small dosages, but we apply them to our skin once, or even twice, a day! Imagine that chemical build-up over a long-term period… The truth is, no one (not even the scientists) is really certain what long-term effects these chemicals can have on our bodies.

3 Stop spoiling the soil!

Still not convinced? Then think about Mother Nature. The toxic chemicals in the beauty products we use eventually end up in the waterways and soil, which could negatively impact the environment.

4 Trust should be earned

There are many natural alternative beauty products on the market, but be warned that plant oils and extracts can also trigger unwanted skin results. So make sure you only use products that have been expertly researched and formulated, or that have come highly recommended from people that actually use them.

5 Read (and understand) labels

If you’re not able to understand an ingredient on a product’s label, the chances are your body won’t know what it is either. To give your body the treatment it deserves, stick to products that clearly define its main uses and benefits, and contain only a few natural ingredients.

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