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Scalp secrets that lead to healthy hair!

Scalp secrets that lead to healthy hair!Franck Perez, Creative Design Team Educator at Moroccanoil shares his tips for creating a healthy environment for shimmering locks. 

1 Be gentle

The skin on your head is thinner than the skin on your body. When you’re massaging in shampoo and conditioner, work gently as overstimulating your scalp can overstimulate the oil production (not great if you have oily hair). 

2 Brush your hair at night

Sebum is natural protection for your scalp. Brush your hair at night to pull through the sebum and give your ends natural hydration. 

3 Use a scalp treatment 

If you’re struggling with issues like dryness, use a treatment once a week until the issue is resolved. After that, use only once a month to maintain the results. 

4 Treat before you colour

Ever get that tingling feeling during a hair colour? Protect your skin by using a treatment beforehand to prevent the itchiness. Try Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment (R355). 

Want more tips for looking after your head? Find everything you need to know, here. And if your hair is curly or textured, you’ll love these six products that tackle dryness, breakage and frizz.

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