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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Fragrant candles, perfumes and treats

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Fragrant candles, perfumes and treatsIt’s a universal truth that you cannot go wrong with flowers on Mother’s Day: they’re a failsafe gesture that will bring a smile to any face and are sure to brighten whichever room they adorn.

But this year, what if you’re after something a bit more special, something that won’t start to wilt after a week, but is still floral-inspired?

From perfume scents that smell like they’ve been picked fresh from your back garden to makeup and candles that wouldn’t look out of place in a florist, we bring you the best floral-themed gifts to give your mum on May 8th…

Ok, so you’ve got a gift sorted thanks to our gift guide but where are you taking mom? Here’s our top 5 spots to take your mom on her special day.

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