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GLAMOUR Hair winter 2016


At the age of 10, I would stare into the mirror, wondering what I would look like at 16. I hoped the future would hold slimmer cheeks, glowing skin and sleek, smooth strands. How disappointed I was when I turned 16 and looked pretty much the same. Still the same cheeks, the same skin (but now with a few pimples) and the same frizzy mess on the top of my head.

I wasn’t the type of teenager to spend ages primping to look pretty for school, so I simply tied my hair up into a low ponytail, flirted with a fringe (which curled maniacally) or tried an occasional bob or lob. Luckily, over the years, I’ve discovered some hair truths and true game changers. Here they are.

A good cut

A good haircut can really boost your confidence – or break it. Read how a miscommunication with a stylist affected our writer in ‘The worst cut of my life’. All the more reason to go to
a pro, whose best quality is the ability to listen! On that note, we quizzed SA’s top stylists on their tips and tricks, so do learn from ‘Hair heroes’.    

Shimmering colour

Besides altering the shade you were born with, a great colour can lift your complexion, boost shine and sometimes even makes your hair look fuller – bonus! 

Pampering treatments

Frazzled, damaged and broken locks can also get you noticed – for the wrong reasons. Condition should be your main focus; once you have that, your colour and cut look so much better, too. That’s exactly why we’ve partnered up with Carlton Hair International to bring you a free nourishing treatment and homecare product with your blowdry. It’s a brilliant deal, so don’t miss out!  

Chemical processes 

A good few years ago, I finally got the sleek, straight hair I had fantasised about, courtesy of a Japanese straightening system that was permanent until my locks eventually grew out. Turned out, my dream tresses were too limp, thin and, well, too straight for my liking, but I’ve since tried other straighteners, which give sleekness without losing volume. If that appeals to you, read ‘The science behind straighteners’ and ask the right questions before you commit.

Power products

One of the very best things about my job? Getting to try the latest products! And thanks to your votes, we found fantastic finalists for this year’s GLAMOUR Gold Hair Awards. The results are in the issue!

With products, pros, styles and how-tos for every hair type coming up, you too can get hair you want to see in the mirror!

Michelle Brownlee Smith

Glamour International