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The DOs and DON’Ts of bumping into an ex – eek!

The DOs and DON'Ts of bumping into an ex – eek!It’s the moment everyone dreads… Bumping into an ex in public, whether you’re over them or not. What’s the best way to cope? What happens if you’re not ready? Will everyone notice the awkwardness? Not to worry! GLAMOUR has you covered with these tips on what to do (or not) when you see your past love out and about.

DON’T let the fear of running into them affect your decisions about what events you go to. If you want to go, then go! You have as much right to be there as they do.

DO bring a friend along if you’re going to an event you know they will be attending too. This type of situation calls for reinforcements – and you’ll need a debrief about how much worse they look since you split up and how you’re a lot better off without him.

DON’T drink too much and end up over at their place (or worse – have them end up at yours!) – you’ll likely regret it in the morning. If this first encounter sparks a reconciliation, wait until you can consider the prospect with a clear head. And if you’re certain you want to get back together, read these tips on how to boost your relationship.

DO be civil. It may take superhuman effort, but smile, say hello and perhaps ask them how they’re doing. It’s all about maintaining your dignity. If they don’t choose to match your tone, they’ll come off looking like the immature jerk and you can glide off safe in the knowledge that you really are the bigger person after all.

DON’T get emotional and make a scene. If you have issues you still need to discuss with your ex, arrange to do so at a separate time and in a more private setting. And if the sight of them makes you want to burst into tears – well, you won’t be the first, but keep a stiff upper lip and save it for the loo or when you get home. You’ll feel much better for not breaking down in front of them.

DO wear something that makes you feel confident, comfortable and sexy – a night when you expect to see your ex is probably not the best to try out those edgy pants you’ve just bought. Feeling that you look your best can go a long way to helping you through the encounter.

DON’T forget the first time is the most difficult, but it will get a lot easier!

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