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7 Tricks to keep in your career survival kit

7 Tricks to keep in your career survival kitIn 2009, the world saw a recession that many people, including recent graduates, are still battling to get back from. But now, with South Africa close to zero growth, another possible downturn could occur – and this time, no one’s job is safe.

Bleak? Sure, but there are ways to safeguard your career and ensure that you’re seen as a potential asset to your company in tough times. Keep these seven tips in mind:

1 Exude positive energy

Display your get-up-and-go attitude by staying alert to potential problems your department or company could face, interacting with your peers and remaining top of mind where it counts. (If you need some help, here’s how to be confident at work)

2 Show what you can give back

Although many companies choose to invest in their staff, sometimes they don’t usually see a return on their investment. Demonstrate your return by meeting your KPIs and strategic goals.

3 Look on the bright side

Instead of joining your co-workers for their bitch session at the water cooler, turn your frown upside down and display enthusiasm and a problem-solving mindset – your higher-ups will love it!

4 Innovate & create

Got some downtime? Use it wisely by taking your old ideas and developing winning concepts to help the processes or revenue stream of your department. Then, take ownership of your initiatives and see them through until the end. Hey, you might even discover your own great idea! In which case, read these tips for making it on your own.

5 Work, work, work, work, work

Heed RiRi’s advice and put in more effort than talent. Sure, your talent got your foot in the door, but it’s your work ethic – working harder and smarter – that will be recognised by your peers and management.

6 Forecast the future

Don’t wait around for anyone to tell you what to do. Anticipate and be proactive in your approach to projects or even your day-to-day. Check out these 8 ways to impress your boss right now.

7 Embrace the new normal

Whether you have to take on more responsibility or your job grows but the remuneration doesn’t, embrace this new reality eagerly. You may find your enthusiasm is infectious and will strike the right chords where it matters most.

While this advice is some good arsenal for trying times, it will also help you in your career growth so whether a recession hits or not, you’ll be well-armed.

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