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Hold on to your microphones! Pearl Thusi & D’Banj are the hosts of Lip Sync Battle Africa

Pearl Thusi and D'BanjMeet the hot new hosts of Lip Sync Battle Africa, the first localised format of the multi-platform, pop-culture phenomenon to air on the continent!    

Our very own entertainment superstar Pearl Thusi and Nigerian music legend D’Banj will be hosting Lip Sync Battle Africa, which premieres on 14 April on MTV, MTV Base and Never heard of it? Lip Sync Battle sees celebrities going head-to-head, lip-syncing the song of their choice, battling for the coolest bragging rights on the planet. 

Pearl will serve as all around host and “master of ceremonies”, while “Koko Master” and “Oliver Twist” star D’Banj will step up as the “colour commentator”, adding his lively observations to the proceedings. We chatted to the pair about the upcoming show.

How do you feel about working together on this show and with MTV on this project?

Pearl: I feel amazing you I know because finally I can do a little bit of the Nigerian accent! And working with the very best of African Talent.

D’Banj: For me I think it’s a great platform, it’s an established platform and even though it’s a franchise, we’ve made it our own. I’ve just called upon to be just the colourful commentator where I get to offer some wise words, say how I feel and even get to see my colleagues, fellow celebrities battle it out, get out of their comfort zone. It’ss so entertaining and Pearl has to do all the hard work. I’ve seen other shows where it’s just been one celebrity interviewing another celebrity, but here you have about four people from different countries, just having a great time. In a nutshell, it’s the best entertainment show on TV right now.

Pearl: I can only echo everything D’Banj has said. It’s not only a big opportunity for African entertainment and us; it’s a big opportunity for the whole of Africa to connect all together through music. Maybe it’ll unify us to do a lot more things together where it doesn’t mater if you are from Ghana and you want to perform in South Africa. Hopefully the music with transcend beyond borders, it will open people’s minds and and people will be more willing to travel to one another’s countries because of this one portal that has been built.

Can we expect any guest appearances from International stars?

Pearl: What’s special about Nigeria is that unlike South Africa, where we are so obsessed with Western Culture, in Nigeria an international act will go on first and wait for D’Banj last. If D’Banj were to go on first and the international artist last, the audiences are going to leave. This show is an African show. The biggest stars from Nigeria are coming which technically means the biggest African stars. There will be international music and songs, but this show is for Africa, by Africans for Africa.

If you could pick any two celebrities to battle it out, who would they be?

Pearl: If I have to pick I would like to see Angelique Kidjo and Yvonne Chaka Chaka battle each other because they are legends.

D’Banj: I would like to see Casper and AKA battle it out.

Out of all the lip sync battles that have happened globally, which ones have been your favourites?

Pearl: Common vs John Legend, Anne Hathaway vs Emily Blunt, and Mike Tyson vs Terry Crews were all incredible.

D’Banj: Definitely the Mike Tyson vs Terry Crews, and I liked the one with Channing Tatum vs his wife, and then Beyonce came on stage so it was incredible.

If you guys could choose one song to lip sync too, what would it be?

Pearl: Oliver Twist, and I’d battle D’Banj.

D’Banj: I would do a song by a rapper called Emtee who did a song called Pearl Thusi, and I would dress up as Pearl, and have my hair like her and I would battle her and I would win!

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