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Valentine’s gifts for him… because leap year!

Valentine's gifts for himIf you are as mooshy and clued up about Valentine’s Day as we are, you’ll know that this year, the romance is on us ladies! Yes, that includes the Valentine’s gifts!

It’s a leap year, and that means us girls get to take over in the flirt and conquer department. So channel your inner Bridget Jones and take the lead with romantic gestures only your man would appreciate.

Whether you’re planning to pull out all the stops or keep it budget friendly, buying a gift for a man tends to be quite a nerve wrecking task. It requires a lot of thought because teddy bears and sweet scented candles just don’t cut it for this species.

Not sure what to get him? We’ve got you covered with a list of 14 perfect gifts your Valentine is sure to love!

Planning a saucy Valentine’s date is one thing, finding the perfect outfit is another! What complements a romantic night on the town better than a little black dress? We’ve got the perfect look for you with these 7 LBDs for any Valentine’s date.

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