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It’s time to reboot your relationship!

Celebrate the month of love with GLAMOUR. A young woman holding a heart-shaped balloon against a white backgroundIs your relationship status feeling more like ‘it’s complicated’ than ‘happily in love’? Fear not, because we’ve recruited the help of a real pro.

Every month this year, Ali Murray, relationship expert and author of the Relationship Enrichment Guide for Women, will be sharing useful tips, real-life stories and sound advice that will help you discover the key to relationship success.

Read what Ali has to share with us at the start of this exciting journey:

“At various ages and stages of our lives and relationships we may require different types of assistance and input. You might be seeking the perfect partner before you hit your “sell-by date”, or you could be married and making the most of it, or recently divorced and back on the dating scene for the first time in many years. Whichever it is, the reality for most of us is that we would all like to be in a relationship that is happy and successful.

Many of us have been brought up on the fairy tale belief that we are going to get married, have a perfect, picket-fence life with two children and live happily ever after. So how do we cope with life when it doesn’t work out this way?

We may land up judging ourselves and feeling bad. We may even feel like failures. Women especially, may try to overcorrect feelings of inadequacy by trying to multi-task, to try to be the best mother, the most liked person at the book club or on the PTA. All you land up doing is exhausting yourself!

How and why do things go wrong, and how do we fix these things?

The reality is that life happens. As individuals we are maturing, developing and growing and/or recovering from childhood/spousal abuse or trauma. Relationships, like life, are dynamic and ever changing. There are no relationship guarantees. We all get into relationships because they initially make us feel good. So try to keep them that way! Focus on relationship enrichment and build FUN into your life and relationship.

Relationships are dynamic and complicated, but after years of working with and counselling couples and individuals in their relationships, I’ve seen that there are a few key, instinctive habits of happy couples. These habits appear time and time again.”

Feeling hopeful? Keep your eyes peeled for Ali’s first article next month! If you can’t wait till then, Ali is hosting a one-day workshop which will enrich your relationship. Through the sharing of real-life stories, practical skills and tools that work, the ‘Weekend Relationship Reboot’ will help you achieve a deep, rewarding relationship. The workshop takes place from 9am – 5pm on the 20th and 27th February in Parkmore, Sandton. The cost is R1 750pp (R1 500 for 3 + group bookings). 

For more of Ali’s books and DIY fixes, click here.

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