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    6 LBDs for any kind of date

    Text: Danica van der Veen

    7 LBDs for any Valentine's dateThe month of love is here! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking outfits.

    This can sometimes be a little bit trickier than it sounds, especially if you have a surprise date lined up. Or a blind date. Or any kind of date for that matter!

    So what do we turn to when we don’t know what to wear? A good old faithful LBD, of course!

    Whether you’re being spoiled to a fancy dinner date or hitting the town with your girls this Valentine’s, we’ve found the perfect black number for any occasion.

    Want to catch his attention without saying a word? Make sure you’re wearing one of these 2 seductive scents for Valentine’s Day. If you need some help in the makeup department, check out these 5 beauty looks men love.

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