15 Workwear pieces you need for the new year

15 Workwear pieces you need for the new yearIt’s the quirky details that will set you apart from your cookie-cutter colleagues. The new season signals a change in wardrobe tempo, it’s time to get down to serious fashion business.

The beginning of the year always marks an urge to remix our work wardrobes. And since office-ready pieces are the most investment-worthy, here are some trendy workwear pieces to keep you looking chic and empowered from the desk to the boardroom.

Whether your office is casual and creative, or buttoned-up and sophisticated, it’s time to give your office repertoire a boost with these stylish workwear essentials from Spree!

Slide through the gallery below to see the 15 pieces you can mix and match.

Dressing for the office can be a challenge! Be inspired by these 40 workwear ideas. If you’re not sure how to look trendy but remain professional, these workwear tips will help.

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