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7 Things you need to know about sun care

7 Things you need to know about sun careYou didn’t imagine it: Science reveals that sun exposure releases endorphins which give you that happy feeling, and that’s why tanning can become addictive.

“However, one in three cancers in the world are skin cancer, which is why sun worshiping is a dangerous habit,” says dermatologist Dr Steve Wang, Here, he shares the most SPF mistakes with beauty director Michelle Brownlee Smith at the Neutrogena Summit in LA.

1 You’re missing important areas

“The areas that are often left exposed are the tops of your ears and the tops of your feet.”

2 You’re not putting on enough 

“To cover your face, body and trunk, you should be applying about a golf ball sized amount every two hours. That means that one 180ml tube would last you four applications on holiday. Your skin is also made up of peaks and valleys so you need to apply enough to fill in all those gaps.”

3 You’re not getting the full effect

“We find that even if they apply SPF20, many women get only half of the protection because they don’t apply enough for it to be effective. To avoid that, go for higher SPF formulas to offer more protection.”

4 You think an umbrella provides protection

“An umbrella on the beach only offers a SPF of about 10. This is because the reflection from the sand is still damaging.”

5 You’re not enjoying the formula

“The best sunscreen is the one that you enjoy applying. Try different textures to find the one that feels good on your skin.”

6 You only apply it only on sunny days

“UVA rays penetrate deeply and can cut through tinted glass, and you need protection in all seasons. In fact, UV exposure can be worse on overcast days when the rays are trapped under clouds.”

7 You underestimate the importance of an SPF

“A study done on 33 women over a period of a year showed that wearing a SPF daily really can improve premature ageing. Those women weren’t using any anti-ageing products or moisturisers, and by applying only sunscreen, they found an improvement in texture and clarity as well as diminished crows feet.”

Are you a die-hard sun-seeker? We’ve rounded up the SPFs that will get your ready to face the rays. If you find it difficult to ‘fall’ for an SPF, these 6 SPF tips for people who hate sunscreen will help.