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6 SPF tips for people who hate sunscreen

6 SPF rules you need to know“I love putting on sunscreen!” said no one ever. If you find it difficult to ‘fall’ for an SPF read on… we’ve got a solution for you.

1 Look for a matte formula

Want to dodge breakouts? Look for a mineral-based facial SPF which absorbs oil. Skin-cooling, body sunscreens will also help prevent sweat-induced breakouts on your chest and back.

Don’t forget to exfoliate or use a foaming cleanser on your face and back if you’re using a water-resistant formula. Waterproof formulas tend to contain ingredients that dry on the skin like glue (hello, blocked pores!).

2 Go fragrance free 

We get it – you hate smelling like a coconut. If you’re not into that SPF ‘smell’ opt for a sunscreen that’s designed for sensitive skin (these tend to be fragrance-free).

3 Beat the clock 

If you hate using SPF because it takes too long to apply then just switch your facial moisturiser to one that has a SPF30 built in. People who wear sunscreen daily have 24% fewer signs of ageing than those who don’t, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Hate rubbing it on? Use a spray. It won’t cover as evenly as a lotion though, so be sure to spray your entire body twice.

4 Add shimmer

If you’re worried about your SPF making your skin look ashy, go for a sunscreen with a hint of bronze sheen. It adds shimmer and provides protection.

5 Ban the sting 

Love the outdoor exercise but hate it when your sunscreen stings your skin? Try a sport gel sunscreen. They’re designed to have a light feel.

6 Boost your makeup

Remember when sunscreens were thick and chalky? Don’t worry, SPFs have improved a lot in the last five years or so. Some even go on like serums, thanks to new technology from Japan. The best way to wear SPF under makeup without feeling like you’re wearing a mask? Try tinted formulas that go on like an emulsion.

Are you a die-hard sun-seeker? We’ve rounded up the SPFs that will get your ready to face the rays.

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