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10 Hair colour DOs and DON’Ts

Models backstage at Simone Rocha spring 2015 show at St Andrew Holborn.Want a long-lasting, vibrant hair colour (who doesn’t)? Follow our pro advice and get the shade you want.

1 DO go bright

Pastels are huge but maybe you’re not keen on rocking pretty pink locks at the office. The new way to introduce unexpected colour to your locks? As an undertone. That way your standout shade peeks through your natural hair.

2 DON’T forget about the ombré

Let’s face it – ombré is here to stay! It’s even been nicknamed the ‘recessionista’ in hairstyling circles because the look is still booming while other trends come and go. Next up: reverse ombré, with roots that are lighter than the tips.

3 DO use the right products

Always, ALWAYS, use a colour-treating shampoo and conditioner. If you avoid styling products like mousse (which can dry out colour) and find cleansing products tailored to your shade, then you’ll save a fortune in touch-ups.

4 DO get dirty

Shampoo daily and all that expensive colour washes down the drain so much faster. Try washing hair every other day – even less if your strands don’t get greasy. In between washes, use a dry shampoo to ‘refresh’ your style.

5 DON’T always think straight it best

To keep coloured hair healthy, limit the heat styling. Straightening puts strands under a lot more stress than blowdrying, so rather style it with a hairdryer when you can. If you must straighten your strands, stick to the mid-lengths and keep your iron moving to avoid scorching.

6 DO try a mask

Chemicals in dye can leave locks dry, so apply a deep conditioner weekly. Let it soak under a shower cap for 10 minutes to boost effectiveness.

7 DON’T rush your choice

Analyse your skin tone before you dye – the wrong colour can wash you out. So, what is the right colour? Warm tones (copper, mahogany or gold, rathe than ash blonde or grey colours) are generally more flattering on every skin tone. If you have very dark skin, steer clear of orange or gold – the golden undertones in your skin are better suited to a rich brown.

8 DO buy baby oil…

The mineral deposits found in your swimming pool are what lead to that feared green-tint. And baby oil counteracts it? Yes! Rub a drop or two over dry hair before going swimming, and then rinse with tap water immediately after going for a dip.

9 … And DO try tomato juice, too

Yes, you read that right! If you emerge from the pool to find your blonde hair looking green, your initial reaction will be to freak out, not reach for the tomato juice – but trust us, it works! The red ‘neutralises’ the green. You’ll find the juice in most supermarkets. Just pour it over your hair, leave for five minutes and rinse!

10 DON’T skimp on dye

Nobody wants to run out of dye halfway through a DIY session, but it happens more often than you think. The amount of dye in most kits is sufficient for the average head of hair (about shoulder length), but if your locks are longer or incredibly thick, stock up! Although not too much: you can’t re-use dye that’s been open for more than two weeks, so calculate your needs before you buy.

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