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6 Healthy snacks to stash in your desk

6 Healthy snacks to stash in your deskOkay, we can’t be the only ones who experience that 4pm hunger pang right? Especially at work.

For some reason, sitting at a desk all day can make you hungry. Really hungry. Even though you had a big lunch just a few hours ago, those mid-day snack attacks always seem to come out of nowhere. And when you’re not prepared for those attack, the office can be a very dangerous place…

Whether it’s the vending machine calling your name, the cupcakes your colleague baked for the office (she had good intentions), or even just the sound of a coworker unwrapping a chocolate bar, there always seems to be some sort of temptation. And when those inevitable 4pm grumbles arrive, it’s very hard to resist the junk food around you.

If you’re genuinely hungry, don’t deny your stomach! You just need to make sure you have the ‘correct ammo’ to fight the pangs without compromising your health.

We’ve done our research, and found 6 healthy snacks to keep in your desk that’ll keep you going during the day. The next time hunger strikes, reach into your draw for one of these instead of those cupcakes on the table.

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