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Body hang ups, banished!

Body hang ups, banished!From an unruly bikini line to bumpy thighs and dry skin – most of us have enough insecurities to make a bright changing room feel more like a torture chamber than anything else. But instead of hiding under a baggy t-shirt, follow these easy steps to all-over prettiness.


We spend hours protecting and hydrating our face – and then we forget all about the poor skin below our neck.  We all want glossy, hydrated skin that makes our legs appear longer and our whole body tighter and healthier – and here’s how to get it!

1 Moisturise

Whatever the season, you need to slap on a shot-glass full of body lotion daily. Look for a formula with glycerin for extra nourishment.

2 Shampoo and condition first

When you wash your hair, the suds and excess soap inevitably run onto your back and chest, which can be very drying as harsher chemicals are used in shampoos than in body washes. After you’ve cleaned your hair, cleanse your entire body with a mild soap.

3 Beware of hot water

Long hot showers suck moisture from your skin by depleting keratin-rich cells that form an oily barrier that keeps water in. If you’re not tempted by a cold shower then keep a moisturiser in your bathroom and apply it to your entire body while you’re still damp, as this will rebuild the lipid-filled layer.



Banishing stubble – from your armpits to your bikini line – has become something of an obsession over the last decade. And while we’re sure men aren’t nearly as horrified by female body hair as we think they are, spotting a few bristles poking through your tights isn’t ideal on a night out.

1 Legs

Shaving works better on legs than other parts of the body as the skin is thick and less likely to get irritated by small nicks that are left of the surface. Start by choosing your shaving cream or gel wisely as what you lather up with has as much impact on the outcome of your shave as your razor does: opt for something frothy and don’t skimp on your razor: pick one with a pivoting head and multiple blades.

2 Bikini line

Puberty leaves the hair here thicker, coarser and curlier than elsewhere, which makes it more prone to rashes and ingrown hairs. Waxing is the go-to option for most women because when you pull out a hair from the root (rather than slice it off) it grows back straighter, limiting the risk it will curl back and form a bump. Wait until the hairs are around 3cm long and never wax around your period – hormonal shifts and extra blood flow to the area will make it particularly painful!



Oh, the dreaded orange peel that plagues nine out of 10 women. We can hide behind black tights in winter, but spring is only a few short months away and nothing can spoil our mini-skirted fun faster than those irritating bumps. Here’s how to get peachy, fast!

1 Fall for a loofah

After you hop in the shower (but before you turn the water on – skin has to be completely dry) take a loofah and using long, sweeping circular motions, stroke the skin on your thighs, hips and bum upwards toward your heart. This stimulates blood and lymph flow, removes dead skin and encourages new cell growth – all of which lead to a reduction of cellulite and smoother, tighter skin.

2 Invest in a caffeine cream

If you’ve been less than dedicated about your diet and exercise plan and now need smooth thighs fast, a caffeinated cellulite cream will be your NBF – just think of it as invisible control underwear. How does it work? Caffeine temporarily eliminates water in the connective tissue, helps break down fat and stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce the puffiness of cellulite.

3 Try a high tech option

One innovative new procedure is called carboxytherapy and it works by injecting small amounts of carbon dioxide into affected areas. The gas breaks down superficial fat and stimulates collagen levels by making the body believe there is an oxygen deficit, which makes it increase blood flow and growth factors in the area. There are minimal side effects but you’ll need eight 30-minute treatments to see permanent results.

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