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5 Tips for staying healthy at the office

5 Tips for staying healthy at the officeDon’t you just hate it when a sick colleague comes into work? We mean really sick. The contagious kind. Two days later, you wake up with the same crippling cough and pounding headache. And in a week your entire office is shuffling around like a pack of zombies from The Walking Dead.

We all know how frustrating that person is, and we’ve all been that person at least once. But unfortunately the alternative is just as bad – taking a few days off to try and beat laryngitis is generally more stressful than restful. Even though you’re lying in bed feeling like death, the rest of the world keeps on turning and working. Threatening deadlines, missed meetings and frantic hourly phone calls from the office DON’T make for a speedy (or peaceful) recovery.

So if you can’t go to work and you can’t stay home, then what’s the solution? Like the good old saying goes: prevention is better than cure.

Carla Yssel, brand manager for Linctagon, gives us these five tips to stay healthy and get ahead in the corporate world:

1 Keep them clean
Germs. They’re everywhere. Clinging onto door handles, encasing elevator buttons, coating your computer’s keyboard. Every day at work you come into contact with objects contaminated with germs. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap to avoid catching and spreading germs.

2 Keep snacking on healthy food
Put down the donut and stop ordering fast food during lunch. Instead BYO healthy snacks! Things like dried cranberries, assorted nut and raw green beans are the perfect ‘desktop’ snacks. Choose foods that are high in antioxidants to keep you healthy and support your immune system.

3 Keep your immune system up
Consider taking an immune support supplement, especially during winter. Try Linctagon’s Viral Defence capsules to keep germs at bay. They contain immune boosting and maintenance properties which will help your body fight against bacteria, infection and inflammation.

4 Keep away from caffeine
We know you probably want to quit this site after being told to toss the one substance more important to you than air, but hear us out. Caffeine seriously dehydrates your body. Switch to water – your body needs it to function mentally and physically. Keep a water bottle on your desk and form a habit of refilling it as soon as it’s empty.

5 Keep your desk clean
The phrase “you don’t know where that’s been” has never been more true. Your phone, your mouse, even your pen could be housing a billion invisible germs. You never know who’s been leaning on your desk, or borrowing (and chewing on) your pen… Keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your draw and wipe your desk down at the start and end of the day.

Keeping your body and heart healthy doesn’t have to be tough with these 5 simple changes.

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