3 Flawless skin rules to live by

Photography: Cameron McDonald

September 22, 2015

3 Flawless skin rules to live byDark marks, no more! There’s no need to hide – follow these simple rules and you can banish those blemishes, for good.

1 Get serious about sunscreen

This the one habit you need to get into. UV protection is key when it comes to preventing dark marks from developing and skin from ageing. And yes, women of colour do have some natural skin protection, but it’s definitely not enough. Reach for a day cream with a minimum SPF15.

2 Don’t skip your skincare routine

Got oily skin? A good cleansing routine will help you control sebum and pimples than can ultimately lead to further dark marks. You may want to look at investing in a night cream that contains retinol. This will help increase your cell turnover which will help reduce dark marks (and fight wrinkles)!

3 Always look at ingredients 

Look for skincare products that have been labelled as ‘brighteners’, ‘lighteners’ or ‘even tone’. These help block the production of melanin, stopping the formation of new spots and helping fade existing marks. Your key ingredients? Arbutin, Kojic acid, liquorice extract, vitamin C, lactic acid, mulberry extract and hydroquinone.

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