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18 Celebs rocking the double denim trend

16Everyone is doing it. Just walking down the street to get our morning coffee yesterday, we spotted about five girls rocking the denim on denim trend.

We know that this trend can cause some tension in the fashion world – should or shouldn’t you do double denim? A while back it was considered a serious faux pas (remember back in 2001 when Britney and Justin wore those, uh, unforgettable matching denim ensembles? Cringe), but now we’re seeing more and more people open up to the idea that you CAN double up on your denim without looking too western-wannabe.

We believe that denim on denim is twice as nice and can create a chic, modern look, if worn correctly of course. Still not convinced? Check out this gallery of celebs who seriously know how to rock the trend. We promise that you’ll be inspired.

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