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What to wear to a job interview

What to wear to a job interview

The scariest part of any adult’s working life has to be going to an interview. And the only thing that will boost your confidence (besides your amazing CV) is a professional ensemble. Here’s how to style up for success and ace that interview.

Dress to impress

Your goal in an interview is to make an impression, not to distract the interviewee with your outfit choice, so start with the basics: your outfit must be clean, ironed and simple. And, it may sound like obvious advice, but avoid wearing overly short skirts or low-cut tops!

Go for classics 

A typical pencil skirt, white shirt and tailored jacket will never disappoint. Are you more artistic? Show your flair by pairing a trendy blouse with a suit. And if you don’t want to wear a basic black, you can push the boundary (a little) and wear navy.

Show your style

If you’re applying for a position in a creative working environment, it’s very important that your personality shows through in what you wear, but that you still appear stylish and presentable. Kaftans are kaftan-style jackets are an expressive alternative to the traditional blazer.

Keep it formal

When applying for a position that involves working closely with clients, an elegant shift dress is always a great choice.

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