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3 Tips for a stress-free wedding

3 Tips for a stress-free weddingGetting ready to say ‘I do’, but feel like you may turn into ‘Bridezilla’ at any moment? Pay attention to these 3 things, and your wedding day will be stress-free. We promise!

1 Don’t expect perfection

Understand that the build-up to a wedding can be a stressful time. That way, you won’t be caught off guard if problems arise. And remember that the mistakes are sometimes the most fun and enjoyable things to reminisce about.

2 Pay attention to your future spouse

It’s very easy to get so wrapped up in wedding preparations that you neglect your #groom. Don’t make this mistake! Make sure that you still go on dates together and that you talk about the future you will share when the wedding has passed. It’s goof to look forward to your honeymoon; it’s even better to have things to look forward to after your honeymoon!

3 Delegate to others 

Find people who you can rely on to take responsibility for some of the wedding preparations. Once you’ve done this, consult together every so often, but have enough trust to leave them to do what’s needed.

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