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3 Ways to avoid extra costs on your big day

3 Ways to avoid extra costs on your big dayWhen it comes to catering for your wedding you wouldn’t know about any of these budget busting details until it’s time to prep for your big day! Want to avoid those extra costs? Read this:

Stick to the food plan

If you make changes after your caterer’s final menu deadline (usually a month before the wedding) some venues will charge a late fee.

Handle your head count

Give your catering manager a final guest list as clearly as you can. Guests added less than two weeks before the wedding might have a penalty of an additional 50 percent per head. Week of additionals can be twice the price!

Resist the urge to run over

If you extend your reception and the catering staff has to stay late to break down the room, you’ll probably have to pay each member for the extra hours of work. And if staffers have to return to the avenue the next day to finish cleaning up, you could be dinged for up to a grand

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