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Natural skin secrets, revealed!

Revitalizing her eyes with cucumberWe talk to Africology CEO Renchia Droganis about going ‘natural’ and why natural beauty products are so effective.

Why are natural beauty products so popular?

Anti-ageing is a preventative process and as women are becoming more educated on wellness, they are also becoming more conscious of the delicate role our hormones play in skincare and inflammation, especially the devastating effects xenoestrogens can have on our biology and its ability to form cancer. Going natural eliminates many risks to our overall health. 

What is your view on chemicals in skincare?

Why use them when nature provides ingredients that are bio-identical to what the body knows? Chemicals are free radicals that actually cause damage and ageing, unlike the promises made by the label. Often chemicals can cause eczema, dry skin, excess acne and premature ageing due to their dehydrating effect on the skin.

Which uniquely South African ingredients are effective moisturisers?

Aloe ferox is a very special active, as it has the incredible ability to heal, soothe and tighten the skin while replenishing moisture. When used in combination with Marula oil, the skin’s resonance with the plant matter makes it very effective. 

Which indigenous ingredients are great anti-agers?

African potato, in combination with Rooibos and aloe ferox, is a potent combination.  

Why is smell so important when choosing skincare?

The olfactory memory, with its relationship to healing moments, plays an important role in sub-conscious suggestion. When a pure aroma oil is used, its essence works on body-mind resonance.

If you only have budget for one product – which should it be and why?

I would definitely have my moisturiser! Hydration is so important in preserving cellular integrity. 

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