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7 Tips for bold brows

7 Tips for bold browsThicker brows are everywhere – except in your bathroom mirror. We’ve put together the best tips and tricks to help you create brows that wow.

1 You need natural light 

Position yourself in a well-lit bathroom, preferably by the window. And never use a magnifying mirror – it’s too easy to overpluck.

2 Tweeze don’t wax

Tweezing takes longer, but waxing can actually break your hairs.

3 Go with what you’ve got

You don’t have to have an arch. If your brows are naturally straight, rather just go with that. Forcing them into an arch can look awkward.

4 If you have an arch, shape it

Hold a pencil against the outer edge of your nose, and then line it up with the outer edge of your pupil while looking straight ahead. Where the pencil meets the brow line is the most flattering place for the arch.

5 Clean up strays

Yes, you can pluck a few odd hairs underneath and above the arch.

6 Pencil it in 

Use a colour that’s a similar shade to your brows… rather go lighter than risk going too dark.

7 Brush ’em

Brush your brows upward and outward. This is the most accurate way to see where the gaps are. Then make short, angled strokes with a pencil in the direction of the hair growth.

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