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    6 Eyeliner tricks you need to try

    Text: Gina Beretta; Photography: Cameron McDonald/Supernova

    _IMG0859Want to master that feline flick once and for all? These foolproof tricks of the trade will help you create the perfect line, every time!

    1 The sharper, the better

    Sharpen your pencils before you use them. It’ll help you create a smooth, clean line every time.

    2 Keep your eyes open

    The trick to creating the perfect, even line on both eyes is to keep them open! Tilt your chin up while looking down into a mirror to get the perfect angled flick.

    3 Line top and bottom

    For an intense look make sure you line your bottom lash line… but just at the corner. Softly blend the line into your winged liner on top.

    4 Easy does it

    Don’t draw you liner in one quick stroke. Instead, do small, short dashes, then join them to create a line.

    5 Trace it

    Start with a soft pencil (it’s more forgiving). Then trace over it with a liquid liner to create depth.

    6 Try colour

    Don’t be afraid to opt for a different hue. If you’re intimidated by a strong black eye, try a softer shade like grey or brown. And if you’re really brave? Vibrant blues and purples look great. Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup neutral.

    Want to master your makeup routine? Then you need to avoid these makeup mistakes at all costs. 

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