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    Iron out those wedding issues

    Text: Sarah Z. Wexler; Photography: People Images

    Celebrate good timesThe most common bride-groom wedding squabbles and how to solve them.


    The problem

    He wants to splurge on a band; you want a pricey caterer.

    The solution

    See if you can find the budget for both by cutting back in another area you both agree on, like the flowers or the guest list.


    The problem

    You love romantic details; he’s worried the wedding will look too girly.

    The solution

    Start with a modern palette (say black and white) and clean-lined decor (think sleek metal tables, not reclaimed wood), then add your pretty flourishes. Voila: balance!


    The problem

    You belong to different faiths and each want a religious ceremony.

    The solution

    You can hire two officiants for your I do’s or have one combine elements from both faiths onto your service. If all else fails, you can always have two separate ceremonies (on the same day or not).


    Need to calm his nerves before the big-day? We’ve got top tips, here.

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