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Heidi Klum: “Kim Kardashian changed the fashion industry”

The host and judges arrive for season 10 of "America's Got Talent" in Newark, NJHeidi Klum credits Kim Kardashian West for helping change attitudes to curvier body shapes by proudly displaying her voluptuous figure, saying, “Kim Kardashian changed the look in the fashion industry, which is amazing. I know that other women love to be more curvy. At the end of the day you have to live in a body that you feel comfortable in and that you love.”

Heidi puts her own slim figure down to exercising and avoiding carbohydrates and although she feels her best when she is “on a thinner side ” she accepts her look isn’t for everyone.  She said,  “I love pasta but I won’t have it all the time. I like to be on a thinner side, I feel fitter and it’s how I’ve always been. I like to be tight and firm and so in order to be my body weight, I don’t eat very many carbs and I do like to go on the running machine every once in a while. I think all women like to have a different body shape – I certainly don’t think everyone wants to be in my body shape.”

Heidi, who has her own line of lingerie, doubts that she will continue modelling lingerie into her sixties but insists she will always feel confident in her own skin.

She told Marie Claire magazine, “I’m probably not going to be a lingerie model when I’m 60, but who knows. There have been a lot of amazing campaigns this season featuring older women. However old I get though, I’ll always be body confident. It’s just the way I am, I’m happy in my skin.”

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