What your wedding shoes say about you!

Photography: Greg Marino; Styling: Claire Tedaldi/Halley Resources


Your gown may get all the attention, but the right footwear is your secret style weapon. Here, six styles and what they say about you.

1 “The royal wedding’s got nothing on my bash”

A pristine white ball gown, top-shelf champagne, and a grand hotel ballroom call for ‘something blue’ that’s as elegant as you are. Let a deep-hued pump with a hint of sparkle peek out from under your gown as you hit the floor for that well-rehearsed first waltz.

2 “We’re serving cake and cupcakes. And macarons”

Match the satin bow on your oh-so-sweet peep-toe shoes to the grosgrain ribbon around your bouquet or fluffy peonies. Then lose the shoes before joining the très preppy cocktail-hour croquet game.

3 “My mom vetoed the barefoot-on-the-beach thing”

After your surfside ceremony, take a break from bopping to reggae and sipping umbrella drinks to grab your groom for a walk by the water. A pair of bejewelled beauties will be so comfy, your arches won’t object!

4 “Signature cocktail? You must mean our artisanal martini list”

Mod architectural booties are right at home in a city loft filled with sculptural orchids and fashion-forward revellers. Just make sure not to scuff the white leather as you climb onto your getaway Vespa.

5 “I’m just not a stiletto kind of girl”

Whether you don’t love towering over your groom or heels simply slow you down on the dance floor, a fabulous pair of jewel-encrusted flats are a splurge your feet will thank you for, and they’re glam enough for even the dressiest ball gown.

5 “I’ve been doing a smoky eye since high school”

Graphic cut-out heels are begging to share real estate with an edgy tea-length dress and punchy bright lip. Do them justice with a first dance to your favourite ’80s girl-band jam.

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