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Scarlett Johansson won’t plan wedding

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Scarlett Johansson admits she’s not very good at planning things and will probably just “wing” her wedding.

The 29-year-old actress has been engaged to Romain Duariac for six months and is expecting her first child with him, but she’s not rushing to tie the knot and thinks she’ll probably just “wing it”.

She told Access Hollywood: “I don’t plan anything. I’m terrible at planning. Yeah, I’m not gonna plan anything – I like to wing it!”

Meanwhile, the ‘Don Jon’ star, who recently moved to Paris, France, with Romain, is already enjoying domestic bliss and loves cooking at home, but admits she still needs to work on her culinary skills.

She said previously: “I cook, but I’m no pro. I was making a white chicken chilli and I had to let it reduce for a little while, so I was like, ‘Let’s go build a snowman while we wait.’ I got a little carried away … Three hours later, I was like, ‘Oh no, the chilli!’ I went back inside and the house was covered in smoke. A pro would have not made that mistake. Make sure to check every five minutes if you are reducing something!”

However, Scarlett, who was previously engaged to Ryan Reynolds, believes she has a knack for cooking up delicious treats, and claims her tasty muffins send men into a frenzy.

She said: “My signature baked good is a vegan banana chocolate chip muffin … I can modestly say I have had marriage proposals from those!”

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