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Hey, it’s OK


… If you spend five minutes wandering around in the dark selecting exactly the right seats in the cinema

… To still insist on the whole shebang – a cake, candles and singing – when it’s your birthday

… To approach a dude. Let him worry about why you haven’t called

… To print out your favourite Instagram pics #irony

… To still not understand why guys take pictures of their man parts. Has any woman been turned on by that, ever?

… To dread doing karaoke, then get so into it you’d rather give your Mulberry handbag/boyfriend/first-born child than let go of the microphone

… To have two Facebook accounts – a PG-rated one for your mother, and then one for everybody else

… If you can recall the names of your primary-school teachers, but not the person you met a minute ago. The mind works in mysterious ways

Um, not OK…

… To not tell your co-worker that her skirt is tucked into her panties. So not cool.

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