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Today I’m Wearing…


Gabrielle Kannemeyer is a senior stylist at Style36 and for the next two weeks, she’ll be featured in’s ‘Today I’m Wearing…’. She spends most of her days styling models at shoots for products, videos and marketing. “One must pay very close attention to every single little detail,” she says. “It’s a job that requires a certain level of meticulousness. Once a week the women’s apparel team goes out into the field and we get to shoot marketing campaigns, which is refreshing.”

Her style icons are Yohji Yammamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Kenzo Takada and Issey Miyake – she has a mad obsession with Japanese designers and she describes her style as “a boy wearing heels, black like my heart.” Her favourite accessory or item of clothing is a silk bomber: “I picked up for a steal at R55 at a thrift store. Wearing it makes me feel like an Amish extra on some ’90s hip hop video.”

The best piece of style advice she’s ever received? “A quote I read by Vivienne Westwood – ‘Buy less, choose well and do it yourself!’ I thought was nice. I just always try to keep it quite sharp and neat. Rather than playing with a vast colour palette, I enjoy playing around with textures and different fabric in the same shade.”

You can visit Gabrielle’s Tumblr here.

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