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How to apply press-on nails

1. File or clip your nails short – this will lessen the damage from the glue.

2. Gently buff your nails. This is an important step, as the rough surface will give the glue a better surface to adhere to. So make sure you buff the whole nail.

3. Layout all the nails from the box in front of you. Go through them and find the right size for each nail. Lay them out in order in front of you – this will make applying them much easier and quicker.

4. Start applying the nails to your stronger hand first, as this will make applying to your weaker hand easier. (So apply to your right hand first if you are right handed, and vice versa.)

5. Working one nail at a time, apply a thin layer of glue to the whole nail.

6. Press the fake nail onto your nail (while the glue is still wet). Push down at the cuticle first, working towards the tip of the nail.

7. Press down hard (for at least 10 seconds) for the glue to set.

8. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 with each nail.

9. Check that each nail is securely glued into place.

10. File any rough ends, and you’re done!

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