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Today I’m Wearing…

Even if you don’t recognise Cape Town’s CWB from GLAMOUR’s street style galleries, you’re sure to be familiar with at least one of the multitalented duo’s many projects: their blog, vintage clothing sales, their DJ sets or perhaps their brand new clothing range. For two weeks, we’re taking a look at the lives of Fani and Isa through a glimpse into their wardrobes – so click through the images above to see their impressive collection of fun, edgy garments and accessories.

When they’re not being CWB, Isa can often be spotted in a lab coat (she’s studying Infectious Diseases and Immunnology!) while Fani can be found completeing her psychology degree and working as a casting director.

If you feel like giving them even more to do, you can purchase CWB clothing by emailing after browsing the range here.

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