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Lock star!

What was your first statement style before you became our favourite queen of the weave?
I used to be obsessed with the soft dread hairstyle. It’s bouncy, flirty and fun.

You often change your ’do – tell us about your hair-volution.
I get bored easily, so I’m always trying to switch things up. Changing up my hair makes me feel brand new; it’s almost like being an upgraded version of myself! In the last five years I’ve gone from curly to braided to straight to short. But my favourite has got to be the short pixie cut     I got recently. It’s a big change, but I love it!
Which hairstyle has given you the most radical transformation?
Long hair has been my signature look for years, so people were quite shocked when I chopped it in August 2013 to achieve a sexy cropped look. I loved the transformation!

When did you get your first weave, and what inspired you to get it?

When I first auditioned for SABC1’s Friday night music show Live, I was turned down because I was very young at the time and they felt that I had a ‘young’ look. I was advised that getting a weave might help with this, and it did!

Have people ever made assumptions about you based solely on your hair?

I’d hope not! I have a larger-than-life personality and I think that should count for more than the type of hair I have, right?

Would you say that you assert your femininity through your hair?
To a certain degree. I’m an advocate for women embracing their femininity through gorgeous hair, but that’s just one element. It all starts from within and extends all the way to your actions and even how you use your voice and project yourself.

Do you associate your different hairdos with particular personalities or phases in your life?
My locks definitely reflect my personality! I’m funky, fierce, playful, elegant and fun – my hairstyles have all been reflective of that.


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Image courtesy of Bonang Matheba Entertainment

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