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GLAM chat with Masego ‘Maps’ Maponyane

After three months of crazy challenges and an even more crazy vote-a-athon on Twitter, super-sexy (and stylish) Masego ‘Maps’ Maponyane has beaten SABC1 presenter and friend, Lunga Shabalala, to the title as the South African Joop! Homme Ambassador for 2013. And because we can’t resist the opportunity to chat to such a gorgeous guy, GLAMOUR spoke to our former Man Candy Monday about flash-mobbing, what he looks for in a woman and becoming a South African sex icon!


GLAMOUR: Congratulations, Maps. How did you feel when you found out you were made the Joop! Homme Brand Ambassador?
Maps Maponyane: Thank you – I was elated. It was a really great feeling, however I had mixed emotions for my fellow competitor and mate, Lunga because we had been through that entire journey together.


Was there a lot of suspense leading up to the decision?
There was a great deal of suspense – we both wanted it badly and we were relying on the votes to pull one of us through. There wasn’t much else for us to do but sit and wait for the results.


You had to complete a number of challenges on a weekly basis – which we really enjoyed watching (blush) – which was the hardest challenge for you and why?
The hardest challenge was probably the flash mob dance challenge. I’m not by any means the best dancer in the world, and having to do a three minute choreographed flash mob routine with professional dancers was quite daunting. It required intensive dancing classes for four hours everyday for a week. I have so much respect for the professionals because that wasn’t easy, but it was a great experience.


Now you’ve been made the Joop Homme Brand Ambassador you’re going to make plenty (more) women go weak at the knees – how does that make you feel?
[Laughs] That’s really not the intention, but if that’s the case then I won’t complain. I just really want to represent this world class brand to the best of my ability.


And probably the question that’s on every girl in South Africa’s mind – what do you look for in a woman?
I like women that are driven, confident in their own skin, independent, and supportive. Someone who is considerate, intelligent and that I can learn a lot from.

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