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Drew Barrymore’s makeup tips for women who wear glasses

Makeup tips for girls who wear glasses are notoriously hard to find. However, Drew Barrymore has three great tips to enhance your beautiful eyes behind those lenses.


1. Apply strategically-placed eyeliner to enhance your eyes. A liberal amount of eyeliner on the inner lash line will make your eyes appear bigger and their colour pop. ‘This tip was given to me by a make-up artist I absolutely love, and I actually apply it in my own life. I take an eyeliner and I start on the waterline of my eyes, which just gives some nice depth of colour and makes my green eyes pop,’ she says. You can also apply eye liner to the upper waterline to enhance your eyes even more. ‘What really works for women in glasses is [also doing] the upper waterline, especially the corners, you want to drag it all the way around up top. When I’ve done this, at the end of the day I come home and I can’t believe how much bigger my eyes look,’ she says.

2. Apply a winged liquid eye-liner to help your eyes stand out under your glasses. ‘Take a liquid liner and give yourself a tiny little cat flick, start at the outer corner of the eye. It gives the illusion that people are now examining your eyes, the shape of them. It’s really [visually] grabbing,’ she says.

3. Apply a liberal amount of mascara on those lashes to really make your eyes pop. A good amount of mascara, especially on your bottom lashes, can make a huge difference. ‘You want the lashes to tickle the glasses, anything that extends your lashes. Make sure you never leave out those bottom lashes, my God what a difference those make,’ she says.

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