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The 5 biggest beauty sins

Over-plucked brows: 

It never ceases to amaze me what a difference professionally shaped brows can make to your face! While well-shaped brows can make you look ten years younger, poorly-shaped or over-plucked brows can have an ageing and unflattering effect. When visiting a beauty salon, be sure to ask around for recommendations as it takes an artistic, skilled pair of hands to do the job properly! If you live in Cape Town, I recommend you visit my eyebrow guru, Ilse, based in the Northern Suburbs (021-913-1709) – even if it’s just to marvel at her before and after portfolio!


The wrong foundation colour:

In this day and age there really is no excuse for wearing a shade of foundation that doesn’t match your natural skin tone. The next time you go shopping for this makeup essential, be sure to take a friend with and walk outside into the sunlight to have her check the colour for you. Tip: be careful of selecting a darker shade that will make you appear more tanned – rather invest in a top quality self-tanning product like St Tropez Gradual Tan Moisturing Body Lotion.

Chipped nails:

The only thing worse than having unpolished nails is having semi-polished, grown-out or, even worse, chipped nails.  If you’re fairly busy and don’t have time to retouch, try gel manicures (Shellac or Gelish) as they last up to seven days without chipping (as opposed to regular polish which can start coming off after three days). Oh, and while we’re on the subject of nails: the colour on your hands and feet should always match, unless you’re heading to an ’80s bash!

Clumped mascara:

To avoid clumped mascara, be sure to make use of a small mascara comb after application, or try Chanel Inimitable Mascara (R365) for precisely and neatly defined lashes.

Greasy hair:

if you have naturally oily hair (like me), you’ll know that having to wash and blow-dry your hair every second or third day is a real buzz kill! But that’s no excuse to walk around looking like someone ate pizza off your head. I have found that skipping the conditioner (or applying it to the ends only) and/or making use of a volumising, mattifying powder (try Redken Powder Grip Mattifying Hair Powder – 260) the day after washing, allows for a little more time off between shampoos.


Clare is a lifestyle blogger and the owner of Sloane & Madison. Read more of her posts on The Global Critic.

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