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Jennifer Aniston reveals her beauty secrets

How does Jen Aniston always look amazing?


Despite a constant sun-kissed glow, she claims the sun has damaged her skin and wishes she had been stricter about wearing sunscreen in her youth to protect her skin from harmful UV rays, as she now has to apply body make-up to help cover up her dark sunspots.


When asked how she achieves her sun-kissed glow, Jennifer admitted: “I like the L’Oréal [self-tanning towelettes]. They’re great. My confession is that [my colour currently] is from the sun, with a bit of body make-up. I do have sunspots. I used to have such flawless skin, I really did.”

The 44-year-old star – who is the face of Living Proof haircare – has picked up some unusual home remedies over the years to banish her beauty blues. Jen advised: “Put Vaseline on your eyes at night – all over. It helps condition your lashes. My mum taught me that. And my girlfriend told me years ago that if you wake up with puffy eyes, you can put Preparation H underneath them. It’s amazing.”

The brunette is known for keeping it simple when it comes to her hair and is always seen with shiny, straight tresses, which she prefers to the radical cuts she favoured in her youth.

She added in an interview with Redbook magazine: “When I was a little girl, I had long, straight hair with bangs, and my mom always said, ‘You’re not allowed to cut your hair until you’re 13. I mean, I would get trims. [Then] I unleashed myself on my hair: I cut it every possible way. But ever since then, I have been trying to get my long, straight hair back.”


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