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Lady Gaga was a ‘pro’ in film cameo

Lady Gaga has a cameo role in the crime thriller sequel, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt has claimed she surprised him with her talent in front of the camera.

He told radio station Jam’n 94.5: “She was in Sin City 2. I did a part for [it]. [Director Robert] Rodriguez asked me to be in, and Lady Gaga is in a scene of it. And I gotta say, she did a really good job. Like, she’s a great actress. And I didn’t know that. You know she came in and I was like, ‘OK sure, they’re having a huge pop star do a scene in the movie, I understand’. But then she came in and like, nailed it! She had her character down, and she was like a total pro and did a great job. I was really impressed.”


Fans needn’t worry about Gaga being tempted by the bright lights of Hollywood though – the “Poker Face” hitmaker has been hard at work on her upcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ and recently teased a new track called “Swine”.

The star has also revealed that she wore some of Michael Jackson’s old clothes while working on the record. She previously said: “I recently bought a bunch of Michael Jackson’s clothes –his actual clothes from his tours. The idea was to keep them for him. I actually don’t really want to wear them; they’re Michael’s clothes. [But] there’s a couple of pieces I have to the side and I have his sweaters that I put on – I wear that when we’re mixing and finish up a record. I feel something from the clothing.”


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