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Daisy Lowe wants Beyoncé’s body

The British model insists she has no desire to be super-skinny and she loves the feeling she gets from working hard. She said: “I’d rather be fit than thin. I can dance for longer. I feel stronger, healthier, brighter and less stressed. Diets feel like starvation. I love a belly on a woman – it’s so beautiful. I want Beyoncé’s body.”


Daisy believes people find exercise gives a better natural high than partying and taking illegal substances does. She told Sunday Times Style magazine: “People don’t take drugs anymore. And, actually, you get much happier from exercising than anyone ever did getting off their face.”


And the brunette beauty admits her own workout regime has inspired her friends to follow her lead and get fit. She said: “Every one of my friends works out in some way now and none of them did before I started. I was like, ‘Come on guys!’. There are a lot of them I’ve forced into it and all of them do feel better about themselves.”


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