Chloe Moretz has to fight for film roles

The 16-year-old actress is constantly competing with other young Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley and Hailee Steinfeld for great movie parts because there are so few roles for young leading ladies.

She told BANG Showbiz: “It’s harder now because there’s a limited amount of parts for my age range. It’s hard, because there’s five scripts a year and it’s like, ‘Fight for one [script]! Shove you in the gauntlet and fight to the death for our role.’ It’s hard. When I was 14, it was 100 per cent harder than it is now because there’s literally two scripts a year for 14-year-olds and most of it is about a kid who’s super angsty. There’s no diversity.”

However, the young beauty thinks the boom in talented young actresses has forced Hollywood to write roles specifically tailored to them, creating for more work. She said: “It’s nice as we grow that people are getting to understand we’re all different and we’re all better at certain things and they’re actually writing scripts for certain actors now. It’s nice to see that happening, because it’s easier.”


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