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How to save old nail varnish

So, how do you restore your favourite old nail varnish? No, adding nail polish remover is not the answer! You can use a few drops to loosen thick polish, but this is only a quick-fix and you’ll find it will get worse in a few days. You see, polish remover does just that: removes the colour and breaks down the particles which destroys the structure. This makes for unhappy polish and lumpy application.

We suggest you use a few drops of thinners instead. (Please note: A FEW DROPS.) We don’t want you to create a nail-eating polish; we just want to help you to your favourite shade from the bin.

Add a few drops and roll the bottle between your hands. If the polish is very dry, leave it over night and shake again. If it’s still gloopy, add another drop or two.


To prevent having to do this ‘polish chemistry’, always make sure you clean the rim of the bottle before closing it. Use some nail polish remover on a cotton pad to wipe the cap and the top of the bottle clean.



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