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The best eyeshadow shades for your eye colour

The best eyeshadow shades for your eye colourWe often get asked which colour eye shadow suits which colour eyes. And although you don’t have to stick to the ‘rules,’ there are a few shades that will really make each eye colour pop. Here’s a quick and easy guide on selecting a shade to suit your eye colour.


This hue looks incredible when teamed with orange-based colours, as blue and orange are complimentary on the colour wheel.

Use: Orange, apricot, brown and gold.
Avoid: Blue and green too close to your eye colour as these will just blend in with your eyes, and not do too much. 


Your peepers work best with a purple shade, as purple makes green green pop.

Use: Plum, purple, and mauve
Avoid: Blue and soft pinks, as these will contrast with your eye colour in the wrong way. Blue can make your eyes look blue, rather than green, and pink might just look like you have an infection.


Brown eyes are the easiest to work with, as it’s quite a neutral colour.

Use: Golden brown, khaki, green and grey.
Avoid: Muted shades. Rather opt for full-on colour to make your peppers pop.


Dark eyes can carry very dark colours, so go bold!

Use: Dark grey, navy, black, dark purple
Avoid: Pastels. Soft shades will bring-out the whites of your eyes rather than the colour.

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