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Man Candy Monday Search: Matt

By now you’ve probably watched our Man Candy Monday Search video and had a good look at all ten guys. But if you’re still deciding who to vote for to win Mr Price prizes, we’re letting you get to know each of the guys a little better. Here’s Matt!


Do you prefer SMSing or calling?

Depends on how much time I have, or how bored I am. My poor friends get unexpected calls.


Is there something you wish more GLAMOUR girls knew?

That guys actually can’t read minds. To us, “I’m fine” means you are, in fact, fine.


What is your x-factor?

I’m an architect.


What’s the thing that most suprised you about the modelling industry?

How easy it is to travel with work. You really get to see the world.


If you could have any career, what would it be?

I would be the presenter of the architecture show, Grand Designs.


Does Matt get to build your dream house? Vote for him here. Once you’re done there, have a look behind-the-scenes at our Man Candy Monday Search video shoot


Click through to see Matt’s Man Candy moment…

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