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    We heart TV!

    There are any number of explanations for arriving late to work, with dark rings under your eyes and only the front of your hair brushed – and if those explanations involve good tequila and an intriguing man, we’re not judging. But if the GLAMOUR team is anything to go by, it’s not just one intriguing man who’s curtailing our beauty sleep, but a whole bunch: noble lords, preppy billionaires, lovelorn lawyers, grave butlers, scheming valets, hairy warriors wielding mighty swords, and adorable gay guys with adoption plans that would delight Angelina Jolie. And that’s to say nothing of the ladies: ’60s bombshells, Broadway babes, bipolar warriors against wars of terror, and ethereal dragon-lovers, vengeful blondes, and a mother-in-law from the kind of designer hell where mothers-in-law come standard with skyscraper heels and bandage dresses so tight they should require a licence. So no wonder this issue is thinking inside the box. A genius thing happened between Dallas and Downton Abbey, and whether your crush is Homeland or Modern Family, a night – or better yet, a weekend – in the blissful embrace of the remote control and a box set is no longer the sad-sack option, but downright de rigeur… just one more episode until – yikes! – it’s 2am. Sadly it turns out that we can’t be watching TV all the time – extensive research has shown that it’s necessary to wear something other than pyjamas and to work for a living. And you’ll find plenty of inspiration for all of that right here, with gorgeous beauty trends, 24/7 fashion, drop-everything reads and fantastic prizes.

    That’s all the entertainment you need to –

    Go forth and GLAMOURise!

    Pnina Fenster,


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